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Scriabin Recital – Metamorphosis

December 6, 2022 @ 19:30 21:00

Scriabin Recital: Metamorphosis

We tend to think of the great composers of the past as monumental personalities, extraordinary geniuses who have achieved not only immortality but also a kind of timeless, almost supra-worldly and superhuman existential quality. This idealized concept leads one to think of the ‘Great Masters’ not as Men (or Women) in all their complexities, existing in the world of their time, but as megaliths of genius and virtue, incapable of doing anything other than producing masterpieces, in their own unmistakable and invariable voice, ever since the moment they were born.

While it is doubtful that this idea can apply to any composer, it most certainly does not portray the case of Alexander Scriabin.

If there is one reason, and certainly there are many, that justifies the presence of Scriabin in the annals of Music History, it is the fact that his musical production was in a constant, never-resting creative development, and that through it, Scriabin rose from an overburdening influence of Chopin in his early years to a highly individual and complex musical language. His was a voyage of self-affirmation, development, exploration and discovery, a proper metaphor to the life of any artist, or even any person.

In this recital, we will explore this creative metamorphosis in an almost chronological order: beginning with works from Scriabin’s middle period, in which the voice of Chopin can still be faintly heard in the midst of theosophical dreams and ecstasies, and gradually progressing towards his most visionary late works, in which Scriabin found an ideal and idiomatic way to convey his deeply mystical philosophy of transcendence.


Étude op.42 No.4 in F sharp major

2 Poems op.32:
– Andante cantabile
– Allegro, con eleganza, con fiducia

Sonata No.5 op.53

4 Pieces op.56:
– Prelude
– Ironies
– Nuances
– Etude

    2 Pieces op.57:
    – Désir
    – Caresse Dansé

    Feuillet d’Album op.58

      Sonata No.8 op.66

      2 Dances op.73
      – Guirlandes
      – Flammes sombres

      Sonata No.10 op.70

      Nuno Cernadas, piano

      Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel

      Kleine Zavel 5
      Brussels, 1000 Belgium
      +32 2 513 45 87
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