Lecture KU Leuven „Towards a Synesthetic Performance of Scriabin’s Late Piano Sonatas“

The Russian composer Alexander Scriabin is known in music history as a transitional figure, with one leg in the nineteenth and the other in the twentieth century, and is often summarized in one phrase with a reference to his mystical chord and the color organ he prescribed for his Prometheus. A child of his time, which had become too deeply entangled in the theosophy of the time? During his doctoral research at the VUB, pianist Nuno Cernadas studied Scriabin’s piano music and in this lunch discussion he discusses the development of Scriabin’s oeuvre. This afternoon talk is also an introduction to the Pulcheria concert in the evening in the chapel, where Cernadas will also give a sample of Scriabin’s synesthetic color theory while performing some of his piano sonatas. Musicologist Mark Reybrouck will respond.

Every Thursday afternoon between 12 noon and 1 pm Metaforum organizes a lunch conversation in Holland College in which scientific research, societal and cultural topics are discussed within the academic community.

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